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The Bozeman Dressage Society is an organization dedicated to the education of riders and horses using the techniques of Dressage. We routinely provide scholarship and educational opportunities to that end. Scroll down to learn more.
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L Education Program

L Program Scholarship

Additional Grants

Hosted by various GMOs

Funded by the Bozeman Dressage Society

Funded by the Dressage Foundation

The ‘L’ Education Program is a fantastic educational opportunity for everyone. Competitors, trainers and instructors gain insight into the evaluative techniques of judging. It qualifies individuals to be able to judge schooling shows and it is the starting point to enter the USEF ‘r’ Judges Training Program.
A scholarship for individuals that complete Part I or Part II of the USDF “L” program. This scholarship is open to BDS members that have been current members of the society for at least one full membership year.
The Dressage Foundation offers a wide range of grants and programs to meet the needs of dressage enthusiasts across the board.
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Whinny Widget Tests
"Includes tests, USDF program, award, and championship information, and more." Included free with your USDF membership when joining at the begining of the membership yer, or buy it now for $10 at the USDF store.
A great place to find educational dressage materials, and other items.
Whinny Widgets laminated Dressage test books are formatted for callers as well as riders in an easy to ready print size with arena diagrams in the lower levels.